Clinic facilities

Council plans to fund free mobile health clinic

Turlock Town Council is moving forward with a recommendation from its Ad Hoc Homelessness Committee to consider approving a pilot program to provide portable medical and behavioral care services.

The Council will consider a one-year contract with Community Health Centers of America to provide a full range of medical care and behavioral health services to the Turlock community. CHCA will rotate its locations throughout the city on a weekly basis based on a well-communicated schedule to ensure services are provided to all segments of the community.

Some of the services CHCA will provide if the recommended deal is approved include:

· Primary care visit for all beneficiaries.

· Vaccinations for those who need them such as the flu shot and others as needed.

· Medications will be ordered and supplied via TIN Rx. For anyone without insurance, there is no charge. Insured persons will receive the necessary medication and their co-payment will be waived.

· A psychiatric nurse practitioner will provide all mental health counselling. If medication is needed, it will be provided as part of the program.

All services will be provided by a CHCA Nurse Practitioner.

The cost to the city to provide medical and mental health services will be $450,000 per year, which the Council will consider paying from American Rescue Plan Act funds for the first year.

On Tuesday, the Council is also expected to:

Consider approving a second round of grants for community events and activities to the following organizations:

o $3,000 for the Kitchen for Change Spring Brunch (Turlock Community Theatre)

o $3,000 for Kitchens for Change Fall Brunch (Alix Cox & Company)

o $2,700 for the Stan State Softball Tournament of Champions (Assyrian American Civic Club)

o $3,000 for Kappa Sigma Military Hero Car Show (WGAS Motorsports)

o $1,500 for the 7th Annual Arrowhead Club Basketball Tournament (Assyrian Church of the East)

o $3,000 for Love Turlock

o $1,500 for Kayla Bernardi BEE Positive Fun Run (38th DAA)

o $1,000 for Arrowhead Club – Annual Golf Tournament (WGAS Motorsports)

o $1,500 for Turlock Chaplaincy Fun Race (Assyrian American Civic Club);

Consider approving an electric vehicle charging station license agreement between the City of Turlock and the Turlock Irrigation District to use part of three city parking lots – 129 S. Broadway, 251 Crane Avenue and 2400 N. Tegner Rd. — install, operate and maintain various electric vehicle chargers;

Consider approving the City Manager’s appointment of Erik Schulze as Director of Public Works effective November 4, 2022;

Consider authorizing the use of City staff time and resources to prepare an ordinance prohibiting former city officials, city managers and department heads from lobbying their jurisdiction on specific issues for a period of two years after leaving office or employment.

For a full list of items in order for the City Council meeting, visit

City Council will meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the Yosemite Room at City Hall, 156 S. Broadway. All meetings are open to the public and will include time for public participation.