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Country Doctor Community Clinic Files Formal Data Breach Notice with Federal Government | Console and Associates, PC

On September 16, 2022, Country Doctor Community Clinic filed a formal data breach notice with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights after the company suffered a hacking incident that compromised data. consumer data entrusted to the custody of the organization. According to the CDCC, the breach resulted in the leaking of sensitive information of 38,751 people. Recently, CDCC sent data breach letters to all affected parties, informing them of the incident and what they can do to protect themselves against identity theft and other fraud.

What we know so far about the Country Physicians Community Clinic breach

The information available regarding the Country Doctor Community Clinic breach comes from the company’s filing with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights. However, information on the HHS Office of Civil Rights data breach portal is very limited. So, all that is currently known about the recent data security incident is that it occurred as a result of a hacking/computer incident and approximately 38,751 people were affected.

Typically, companies that experience a data breach of this magnitude should report the incident to the government of any state where a number of residents are affected. Organizations will also often post a notice of infringement on their website to reach consumers who may have moved since they provided their information to the organization. However, at this point, it does not appear that Country Doctor Community Clinic has not filed a breach notice with any state government, nor published a data security notice on its website.

On September 16, 2022, Country Doctor Community Clinic sent data breach letters to everyone whose information was compromised as a result of the recent data security incident.

More information about the Country Doctor Community Clinic

Founded in 1971, Country Doctor Community Clinic is a health service provider based in Seattle, Washington. The company operates several clinics in the Seattle area, including Carolyn Downs Medical Center, Country Doctor Community Clinic, Dental Clinic and After Hours Clinic. Through these facilities, CDCC provides patients with routine primary care, as well as diabetes diagnosis and management, addiction treatment, behavioral health services, dental care, and more. Country Doctor Community Clinic employs over 193 people and generates approximately $18 million in annual revenue.

If you have received a data breach notification, it is essential that you understand what is at risk and what you can do about it. To learn more about how to protect yourself from fraud or identity theft and what legal options are available to you following the Country Doctor Community Clinic data breach, please see our recent article on the subject. here.