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County-backed football clinic is making an impact

Attentive adults in a soccer program saw more than athletic skills

MT. PLEASANT — The Henry County Board of Supervisors meets weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays to discuss various county matters, but this past Thursday the conversation got a little more heart than the average look at numbers and facts .

Supervisor Marc Lindeen reported on a sub-committee with HACAP.

According to Lindeen, the subcommittee meeting determined that DHS would not provide additional funds and that remaining funds would simply be carried forward.

Lindeen was confident that this would provide enough money to fund anything that needed funding over the next two years.

During this subcommittee meeting, a progress report was presented on county funding for a program donated by Louisa County called “Soccer for Success”.

“We wondered if we [the county] should pay for a soccer clinic for the kids after school,” Lindeen said. “Since we didn’t have anything like that, we decided to go ahead and fund it because it wasn’t too much money, honestly.”

Lindeen polled the committee for additional information and asked if they could give her a more personal insight into the program with stories. He then told two short stories to the council.

The adults in the program spent time trying to figure out why a young boy had a lot of balls in his pocket.

“He was carrying food home for the rest of his family, and they didn’t have enough money,” he said. “They didn’t have enough money for food, and he thought the least he could do was bring some food back with him.”

Another story followed, that of a caring coach within the program.

“The football coach realized with another young man that there was a problem, and he started talking to him and found out he was suicidal,” Lindeen said. “So they were able to connect him with counseling and could very well have saved his life because of it.”