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Dental Center Hungary is a well-known dental clinic in London and Budapest, providing exceptional dental care to UK patients who want to receive high quality dental care because they believe

For UK dental patients who don’t want to sacrifice the quality of their dental treatment, but still want to save up to 70% on costs, Dental Center Hungary is a great option and has been a well-known player in the market for over 25 years. . They offer a free consultation to their future patients and a guarantee on all their treatments, which can be maintained with the essential annual check-up at their London clinic, as well as other follow-up treatments if required.

As most people already know, Budapest is known as the dental capital of Europe, mainly thanks to the high quality education provided by Hungarian universities and the advanced dental technology available in their dental clinics, and its role leader in dental tourism for the past 30 years. years gave him an intangible advantage. The journey to Budapest, a beautiful historic city, takes approximately 2-2.5 hours and is accessible from over 15 English airports. Combined with an affordable hotel stay in Budapest, you still save a huge amount of money compared to treatment in the UK. Dental Center Hungary, a leading organization in Hungarian dentistry, takes extraordinary care in arranging personalized treatment for each patient combined with travel, so that every step is smartly predictable and on the lowest budget. Dental Center Hungary’s spa-like environment caters to a clientele that appreciates personalized, quality dental care. The clinic mainly specializes in full implant reconstructions, but in many cases it also specializes in this treatment combined with orthodontic treatment, as well as aesthetics. dental treatments, where an exceptional number of British celebrities, directors, writers and actors have used their excellent services. For over 25 years, Dental Center Hungary Budapest has been providing first class care to local residents and expats living in Budapest who speak English, German and French and want to be sure they are getting the best. Dental Center Hungary offers future patients a free consultation where, after an assessment of their condition, they will prepare a treatment plan with an accurate quote, which they will not deviate from during the treatment. Visit the firm for an initial assessment and experience their professionalism. At the Hungarian dental center, a Hungarian dentist in London will perform a simple examination and talk to the client about their dental treatment goals.

“At Dental Center Hungary we believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile, that’s why we offer to give you the best smile you deserve, high quality treatment and a chance to visit beautiful Budapest at affordable prices,” explained Xhuljo Jakup. , representative of the dental center Hungary.

In the event that someone cannot come to the London clinic for an initial assessment or does not have dental x-rays, they can arrange dental x-rays throughout the UK; Manchester, Colchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Nottingham. Based on the x-rays, they will provide an accurate treatment plan and quote, allowing everyone to take the next step towards a new smile. Dental Center Hungary is known for its hand-picked team of top dentists and oral surgeons with over 10 years of international experience, specializing in meeting all the needs and requirements of UK patients abroad. The team is always available to decide on the best treatment for their patients and offer support throughout the process. The London clinic is open six days a week; clients can visit their London office for a full consultation or treatment as well as receive a full treatment plan and quote with Dental Center Hungary Budapest and London clinic prices. If the patient does not wish to travel, the clinic can of course arrange treatment in the UK; make an appointment to discuss the procedure and prices.

About Dental Center Hungary

Dental Center Hungary offers a full range of dental and oral surgery services in the areas of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implantology and orthodontics for patients. Professional and painless treatments in a calm and friendly environment, at an affordable price in central London and Budapest. The dental team is made up of internationally trained professionals, who see over 2,000 satisfied patients a year and provide the highest standard of dental treatment and use of the highest quality, internationally recognized brands of dental implants. international scale. At Dental Center Hungary there is no waiting list. The clinic’s team is there to help you get the smile you want in the shortest possible treatment time.

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