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Denver Physical Therapy Clinic Announces New Hire Erin

Physiotherapy specialists

Physical Therapy Specialists, based in Centennial, CO, are pleased to announce the hiring of their new physical therapist, Erin Tomasik. She received her Masters in Physical Therapy in 1997 from Springfield College. She was a clinical director and practiced sports medicine and orthopedics in Colorado, Georgia and Massachusetts for the past 25 years. But she decided to redirect her passion, skills and career path to pelvic health for men and women, including postpartum and prenatal care. She trained runners as they prepared for marathons across the United States. She is certified as a Level 3 Medical Professional by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) to assess golfers’ physical limitations and help create programs to optimize their performance. She is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA). And she applies her expertise in manual therapy and exercise to help optimize her patient’s full and safe return to activity.

Dawn Sandalcidi, owner of Physical Therapy Specialists, said, “We welcome Erin Tomasik to the company. We plan to work with her for a long time as we provide our patients with physical therapy with an individual treatment model. ” She adds, “Our treatment approach is unique, specialized and provides individual care. Our goal is to bring you to a place of sustainable well-being. We love working with your health and wellness team by collaborating together to get back to what you were doing before or try something new! We work closely with Yoga, Pilates, Barre, a nutritionist and movement therapists who best meet your needs and take you where you ultimately want to be. »

Physical therapy specialists use the Integrated Systems Model (ISM) to assess head-to-toe musculoskeletal problems. This requires understanding the relationships between and within multiple areas of the body and how disabilities in one area can affect other areas. For example, an overhand feed can cause the pelvis to rotate, which can lead to back pain, pelvic pain, and poor movement.

Physiotherapy specialists have expertise in the following therapies: Connective Tissue Mobilization, Visceral Manipulation, Central Stabilization, Joint Mobilization, Myofascial Release, Rehabilitation Ultrasound Imaging (RUSI), Soft Tissue Mobilization, Functional Trigger Point Dry Needling/ intramuscular manual therapy (IMT), and surface EMG/biofeedback. And they are experts in the following modalities: cold laser therapy, iontophoresis, cupping/gua sha and ultrasound.

Physiotherapy specialists offer back pain therapy, golf physiotherapy, headache therapy, incontinence therapy, pelvic pain therapy, prenatal therapy, postpartum therapy and ATM therapy. When treating back pain, they use a variety of tools, but focus on manual therapies, core muscle motor control, education, strength and flexibility to treat and resolve pain. They also incorporate ISM and a holistic whole body approach.

They also provide golf movement analysis and therapy and Erin Tomasik is their certified physiotherapist who applies the latest golf-specific health and fitness strategies with the methods employed by TPI to physically screen and recommend exercises to golf athletes.

They may also offer headache treatment using physical therapy. This will require identifying and resolving the root causes of the headache pain, thereby enabling the patient to improve their ability to participate in daily activities, such as schoolwork, hobbies, and sports.

Founded in 1989, Physical Therapy Specialists has a unique vision that is different from other clinics. They are focused on the specific needs of each patient in a private environment. Currently, their goal is still to treat patients according to their specific needs. This is done in a one-on-one private setting that allows them to help each patient return to their duties and resume activities they deem vital to their daily life. The specialist physiotherapy they provide is performed in a collaborative, hands-on and compassionate manner, focusing on the treatment of back, neck, TMJ and pelvic floor muscle conditions.

When in need of physical therapy, Denver residents can visit the Physical Therapy Specialists website or contact them by phone or email.

Physiotherapy specialists
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Dawn Sandalcidi

Our mission is to provide specialist physiotherapy assessment and individual treatment in a practical and compassionate manner. After more than 30 years of practice, Dawn started her own business to support her practice philosophy and enable her to continue treating patients for the assessment and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, TMJ and lower back pain. .

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