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In April, I had the good fortune to visit a riding clinic again at Coyote Creek Tack and Stables near Sigel.

This clinic presented training in equitation and trail obstacles. April Walk hosts several clinics each year for the enjoyment and training of riders from many fields. It’s amazing to see the enjoyment and improvement of the participants as Matthew Jobe patiently works with each individual.

These clinics include horseback riding, trail obstacles, horseback shooting and more. They take place in indoor and/or outdoor facilities, depending on the weather and the facilities needed. Walk offers riding lessons, guided rides, excursions, horse birthday parties, short term boarding and vacation, horse stopover facilities. Additionally, owners can use RV hookups or rent the room overnight with two beds, bathroom, back patio, and hot tub.

A renowned clinician, Jobe owns and operates the C-Bar-J Ranch in Windsor, Missouri, with his wife Angie. Jobe is a Missouri native and a veteran of the United States Air Force. He served his country with five overseas tours and won numerous awards and medals. In their facilities, they house and train horses, give riding lessons and teach clinics.

Jobe also owns a small cow/calf operation and grazes cattle under contract. He also runs an agritourism business in the Kansas foothills called Flinthills Ranchin Adventures, where they take people to thousands of acres to herd, sort, drive and mark livestock. Her specialty is working with horses and teaching people how to communicate with them. He is known to help horses with their people issues. He says, “The horse knows a lot more about being a horse than I do. We have to stand still and listen to what the horse has to say.

The fastest growing equestrian sport these days is cowboy horse shooting.

It is extremely popular with all ages and levels of riders. Filming normally takes place in a large arena, where pylons topped with balloons are placed in different patterns around the space. The event is a timed procedure in which runners/shooters race around the grounds shooting the balls using 45 caliber single action revolvers and black-on-white powder cartridges. Since there is no ball, the black powder residue must break the ball. The normal distance to the target should be short and varies depending on the selected target model.

Each rider uses two .45 caliber single-action revolvers, each six-shot revolver having only five rounds. The rider must shoot the first five balloons, switch guns and shoot the next five as fast as possible. There are penalties for misfires and for dropping your weapon and for falling off your horse. Both horse and rider seem to thoroughly enjoy this great sport.

Jobe competed successfully in the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting and Extreme Cowboy Racing, winning multiple World, National, Regional and State titles.

Watch the Coyote Creek site on Facebook for upcoming events and enjoy cowboy shooting exhibits or other equestrian activities. Visit the Coyote Creek Tack Shop, where over 80 saddles as well as a myriad of saddlery and equine merchandise are offered. These are fun and educational clinics in one of the best facilities in the area.