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EMU’s Digital Summer Clinic offers 48 paid internships

Eastern Michigan University’s Digital Summer Clinic is accepting applicants for 48 paid student and recent graduate internships at local tech companies through April 30.

The Digital Summer Clinic is an opportunity to gain experience in the digital industry. Students from a wide range of disciplines are encouraged to apply, including computer science, business, communications, and media arts.

The internship is 10 hours per week for nine weeks from mid-June through mid-August through Ann Arbor SPARK. Interns are paid $17 per hour and can discuss overtime opportunities individually with their company.

“Ann Arbor SPARK is an economic engine in southeast Michigan,” said EMU public relations professor Jamie Ward. “They provide financial support to interns attending the Digital Summer Clinic to drive innovation and help local startups succeed.”

Teams are formed from the 48 interns and assigned to a specific company that needs help with projects.

“Interns work in teams of two with their companies on a variety of projects, ranging from website and app development to content creation, social media and advertising,” Ward said. “The companies where the interns work are clients of the Ann Arbor SPARK high-tech incubator. These will be projects that interns can highlight on their CV and can allow interns to increase their relevant experience while still being a student. »

As COVID-19 cases decline, the plan is to have internships follow a hybrid schedule.

“In 2022, we expect all internships to follow a hybrid model with most remote work and some in-person meetings,” Ward said. “Each company in the clinic has its own method of organizing remote work, but in all cases it is some version of teleconferencing, calendaring, messaging and file sharing. .. We are planning all mandatory remote group meetings via Zoom video conferencing with bare hands meetings streamed live.

Interns can expect to work with well-known companies and mentors in the digital industry, including Google, Pinterest, Duo Security and Zingerman’s.

“Many of our mentors have gone to school, wondered how to get into professional roles, and eventually found their way,” said Bud Gibson, director of the EMU Center for Digital Engagement and Digital Summer Clinic. “They are all problem solvers dedicated to helping interns succeed.”

Former company interns have worked in a wide variety of career fields.

“Interns have worked with companies involved in digital advertising, public relations, student loan servicing, energy-efficient vehicle delivery, healthcare logistics, and AI-based quality control. “Ward said.

Students can derive various benefits from the Digital Summer Clinic to contribute to their resume, such as receiving the CDE-SPARK Digital Media Certification to indicate that they have completed the clinic’s requirements.

Interns who continue their work in the high-tech economy of the Ann Arbor area and other regional hotspots like Detroit and Grand Rapids become prime candidates.

“This program is truly one of a kind,” said Jorel McCree, program mentor and partner relationship manager at Pinterest. “Interns will meet mentors, peers and business leaders they can network with for years to come. Additionally, interns gain confidence, public speaking, and understand the value/skills they can offer in an entry-level position, which will help them navigate their careers. »

Ward said candidates who can demonstrate experience using their digital skills will stand out.

“What will help your application the most is describing experiences in your statement of purpose where you used your digital skills to achieve a result,” Ward said. “It could be for a club or a personal project or at work.”

Selected candidates will be informed if they have been granted an interview with the members of the mentoring team. 48 trainees will be selected for 24 companies and notified.

Those interested in being part of the Digital Summer Clinic can apply to