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Fiesta at the Beach Benefits Sulzbacher Beaches Health Center and Honors Mayo Clinic – The Resident Community News Group, Inc.

Aldo Minozzi, Cindy Funkhauser and Ricardo Quinones at Fiesta at the Beach

On May 5, for the first time in two years, Sulzbacher advocates gathered in person at the Casa Marina Hotel in Jacksonville Beach for Sulzbacher’s Fiesta at the Beach, a fundraiser for the Sulzbacher Beaches Health Center. Sulzbacher presented the Mayo Clinic of Jacksonville with the “2022 Beaches Healthy Hero” award to recognize the organization’s outstanding commitment to improving the health and well-being of the Beaches community.

This year, Sulzbacher celebrated a very special healthy hero, Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. Since Sulzbacher’s partnership with the Mayo Clinic began in 2008, the clinic has shared its expertise to help Sulzbacher expand its medical services by meeting community needs, from volunteering its regular presence on Sulzbacher campuses to taking in a leadership role and in service to Sulzbacher. Board of Directors.

“The Mayo Clinic of Jacksonville provides essential assistance in many Sulzbacher medical programs at our downtown and Jacksonville Beach health centers. They also regularly provide primary care from the Sulzbacher Health Mobile, which travels through Duval County providing medical care to our homeless neighbors,” said Cindy Funkhouser, President and CEO of Sulzbacher. “It was very appropriate that at our first in-person event in two years, we celebrated a partner who has played such a vital role in helping Sulzbacher through these difficult last two years of the pandemic.”

The evening of fiesta, food and entertainment benefited the Sulzbacher Beaches Health Center, a federally licensed health care center that provides much-needed services to people who are homeless or at risk on beaches.

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