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Florida suspends abortion clinic after hospitalizations

An abortion clinic that serves women across the southern United States had its license suspended over the weekend under an emergency order from Florida health authorities after two women who had undergone procedures at the clinic have been hospitalized this year.

The State Agency for Health Care Administration ordered the suspension of Pensacola’s U.S. family planning license, effective Saturday.

In the cases cited by the agency, the clinic failed to monitor patients at all times, failed to provide medical records when patients were transferred for more extensive care, and failed to contact patients within within 24 hours of leaving the clinic to assess their recovery. , said the order that was issued on Friday.

He said the issues were operational shortcomings “putting the health, safety and well-being” of the clinic’s patients at risk, and that the clinic failed to submit timely reports of the incidents to the state agency.

In one case, clinic workers urged a patient’s husband to take her to a hospital in Mobile, Alabama, rather than a hospital closer to Pensacola that had a transfer agreement with the clinic, delaying his treatment. At the Alabama hospital, the woman had to be resuscitated and required a transfusion to replace the blood loss, according to the emergency order.

In another March case, a patient was taken to the emergency room of a Pensacola hospital with bleeding and low blood pressure. She needed emergency surgery and a surgeon performed a hysterectomy. Last year, a third patient required uterine perforation repair, according to the emergency order.

“Women who have abortions must receive the level of care and services prescribed by law,” the emergency order said.

The clinic is entitled to a hearing on the decision.

A woman who says she works for the clinic’s planning department answered the phone on Sunday but said no one was there to talk about the emergency order.

Due to its historically less restrictive laws, Florida has long been considered a “safe haven” for women from neighboring states seeking abortions. On its website, the clinic says it serves women from Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia.

Even though Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a law last month that would ban most abortions after 15 weeks, Florida’s abortion law will likely be less restrictive than neighboring states if the state Supreme Court United overturns Roe v. Wade.