Clinic consultation

Gibraltar Hospital expands cancer clinic with new facilities to allow people to be treated locally

SAINT Bernard Hospital in Gibraltar has opened new ‘first class’ visiting and consultation areas in its cancer clinic to better ‘support’ patients, the government has said.

The renovation follows the annual number of patients being treated in Gibraltar instead of traveling overseas, rising from 1,872 in 2018 to 5,861 last year.

Now the Gibraltar Health Authority expects up to 7,000 people to be treated in the oncology ward at St Bernard’s Hospital.

“This is an initiative that has made a huge difference for our cancer patients, providing space to see their doctor,” said GHA Chief Executive Patrick Geoghegan:

“This area has more privacy and amenities – in the coming weeks blood draws will also be performed here.”

Gibraltar’s public health provider already has two full-time oncology consultants and one traveling consultant.

It also has a clinical nurse specialist and three chemotherapy nurses, as well as a pharmacist, nursing assistants, a pharmacy technician and clerks.

“This is just one step in a larger plan for cancer patients in Gibraltar as we upgrade hospital facilities,” Geoghegan said.

“We plan to include a new, larger cancer unit as a place where patients can receive their treatment overlooking the sea in a first world environment.

“Although this is a work in progress, we are extremely optimistic that this change can be achieved in the future,” he added.