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Grant Supports PAWS Clinic’s “Hurray for Shelter Pets” Spay/Neuter Program – The News Herald

The PAWS clinic in Taylor’s “Hurray for Shelter Pets” neutering program is the recipient of a $6,500 grant from the national nonprofit Petco Love.

The investment will help the PAWS Clinic spay and neuter at least 140 dogs and cats that have been adopted from qualified organizations, while delivering significant savings for pet owners. Through the “Hurray for Shelter Pets” program, spaying or castration of cats will be reduced by $25 (standard rate is $75).

Those who present a dog for surgery through this program will receive $75 off the price of the surgery. Canine surgeries at the PAWS clinic normally cost $200 for dogs weighing up to 75 pounds, with higher fees for larger dogs.

According to the organization, Petco Love is a national nonprofit that leads change for pets by harnessing the power of love to make communities and families of pets closer, stronger and healthier. . Since its founding in 1999, Petco Love has invested $330 million in adoption and other rescue efforts.

Petco Love helps find loving homes for pets in partnership with Petco and more than 4,000 organizations across North America, with 6.5 million pets adopted and counting.

“Our investment in the PAWS Clinic’s Hurray for Shelter Pets program is part of Petco Love’s recently announced investments of more than $15 million to power local organizations across the country as part of our commitment to create a future in which no pets are needlessly euthanized,” said Susanne Kogut, President of Petco Love. “Our local investments are just one part of our strategy to empower pet lovers to drive change. vital by our side. We recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of the launch of Petco Love Lost, a national lost and found database that uses pet facial recognition technology to simplify the search for lost pets.

Executive Director Terra Muscat said the PAWS Clinic is thrilled to partner with Petco Love to offer reduced sterilization costs for adoptees of a shelter animal.

“With the support of Petco Love, we celebrate the love between a pet owner and a recently adopted companion at an animal shelter or rescue group by providing lifesaving spaying/neutering services,” Muscat said. “Thank you, Petco Love, for investing in pet-loving families in our community.”

To qualify, an adoption contract from a municipal shelter or 501(c)(3) rescue group must be presented for the animal at the time of surgery. The contract must be in the name of the person bringing the animal at the time of the surgery (photo ID required) and the animal must correspond to the description of the contract.

The Hurray for Shelter Pets program will operate as long as funds are available. To schedule an appointment, call the PAWS Clinic Monday morning at 313-451-8200 and leave a detailed message. If an appointment is available, a staff member will call back to schedule.

Appointments are only made one week in advance. If you do not hear from the clinic by the end of business on the Thursday of the week you call, call again the following Monday.

For more information about the PAWS Clinic, visit or contact them on Facebook.

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