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Graphic Clinic Health Screening Exercise Today

Graphic Clinic Health Screening Exercise Today

The Graphic Clinic medical screening exercise begins today at Adabraka Clinic in Accra.

The exercise, now in its 10th edition, aims to help clients know their medical condition to enable them to seek early treatment.

The exercise, which is themed “Your health is our concern”, will screen people with diabetes, high blood pressure, anemia, malaria and eye diseases, including checking their oral health. dental.

It is part of the corporate social responsibility of Graphic Communications Group Limited.


The Graphic Clinic partners have therefore urged the general public to attend the exercise to help them know their state of health and seek appropriate care.

According to the partners – Medgraph Compound Pharmacy and Laboratory, Gokals Healthy Optionz, Serepa Dental Clinic and Synlab Ghana, customers will have a unique chance to have a full medical checkup free of charge.

“This is a unique chance for people to know their health status and take precautionary measures if they find out they have a good health condition or consult a proper doctor in case of illness.

“Prevention is always better than cure and we will be encouraging people, especially those living within the Adabraka community to attend the scheme,” partner representatives told the Daily Graphic in an interview in Accra on Friday.

Laboratory and pharmacy

Medgraph Compound Pharmacy and Laboratory Business Development Manager Benjamin MacArthur said they will provide a full range of medical laboratory services to ensure proper diagnosis and management of various medical conditions.

He said they had a well-equipped laboratory and a pharmacy to meet customer needs.

Oral health

Serepa Dental’s specialist dentist, Dr. Kwame Frimpong Boateng, explained that oral problems are not limited to tooth decay but include mouth and jaw cancers among others.

“People usually wait until they are in extreme pain or have crooked teeth before going to the dentist. Most health screenings do not include oral health, so for this exercise there will be screening to help detect early signs of oral problems as well as educate the public on the need to take take oral health care seriously.

Synlab Ghana Marketing and Sales Manager Abigail Yeboah Owiredu also highlighted the need for the public to know their Hepatitis B status due to its impact.

She said the disease affected many people, but because they had no idea about it, they often went to health centers when the situation got out of control.

“It is important for people to know that early detection saves lives, so they should at least have a routine checkup of their organs such as liver, urine and blood and seek help as needed,” said Ms. Owiredu.

Eye test

For his part, Gokals Healthy Optionz Business Development Manager, Samuel Yeboah, said, “We have observed an increase in eye-related cases such as glaucoma and cataracts in the environment, which is why we believe that the exercise is worth taking part in.”