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Grappenhall Spine Clinic celebrates six weeks of ‘cracking’

A NEW spine clinic in Grappenhall is celebrating a successful launch after proving its worth to locals.

To optimise Spine Clinic, on Knutsford Road, opened to the public six weeks ago and has been a resounding success.

The clinic is a business run by Ellie Shackleton-Brown, alongside her friend Amy Donoghue.

Warrington Guardian: Ellie uses a variety of methods to treat her patientsEllie uses a variety of methods to treat her patients (Image: Optimize)

Ellie is an osteopath by training, with over five years of professional experience, and Amy was previously a clinical assistant.

Amy said: “Ellie is really humble about it, but at 27 she’s really young to have her own clinic.”

It was important to Ellie that she had a big influence in the design of the clinic – she even laid the floor and painted the walls herself, with help from Amy.

The couple said: “We want to be friendly and we get to know our patients personally; we even send birthday presents, for example.”

When asked how she approaches treating patients, Ellie said treatment begins with a consultation meeting that allows her to tailor the treatment to the patient.

Tailor-made treatment plans then involve orthopedics and neurology to target the source of patients’ problems – this will then allow them to tackle the problem head-on.

Ellie uses cameras to take pictures of a patient’s spine positioning, allowing her to work with the patient on things like posture to help correct any issues.

When asked what it was like to join Ellie in her new venture, Amy replied: “I just knew we could work well together.

“If it was one of my other friends I would have been hesitant, but when Ellie messaged me about it I just said yes.”

The couple say their families and friends have been incredibly supportive of them and the clinic’s successes.

To optimise is also set to employ a massage therapist, who will provide muscle treatments alongside the orthopedic treatments that Ellie currently provides.

Warrington Guardian: Friends and families of Amy and Ellie have been incredibly supportive since the clinic openedAmy and Ellie’s friends and families have been incredibly supportive since the clinic opened (Image: Optimize)

The new clinic, at 190a Knutsford Road, has been so popular that it has seen a high influx of bookings for spine treatment.

Amy and Ellie said anyone who mentions the Warrington Guardian in their recommendation is also eligible for a £20 reduction on their initial fee.