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Greensboro neighborhood against rezoning emergency vet clinics

GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) — A group of homeowners are describing their Lawndale Drive townhouse complex like a Disney movie: full of trees, peace and quiet, and people who love each other.

Then they got a notice from the city of Greensboro.

Sharon Bibby was confused when she opened the rezoning notice letter.

“We know how much we value our privacy here and how much we love the peace and quiet,” Bibby said.

Bibby has lived at Magnolias on Lawndale Drive for 13 years.

Warren Sackett is a newer resident of the complex but felt equally stunned.

“It just doesn’t make much sense to have something potentially developed that will work overnight, overlooking residential areas,” Sackett said.

The rezoning notice detailed Happy Tails Emergency Veterinary Clinic’s request to turn the 2.23-acre lot next to The Magnolias into commercial space.

The company hopes to build a second office there less than a mile from the Battleground Avenue location.

There are other areas on Lawndale that are already commercially zoned. I can walk to these areas. It’s how close they are,” Bibby said.

Now over an acre of trees and a few vacant homes sit on the lot. They would have to be removed for the emergency veterinary clinic to be built.

“This pitch is about six feet higher than our ground floor. At best, we’d have flashing headlights in our back doors all night,” Sackett said.

Only a few feet separate townhouses and vacant lots.

“It’s a trail for most of us who have to get to the park,” Sackett said.

Bibby says she loves the animals the area brings.

The owners tell FOX8 they don’t mind the development in the area. They just want to make sure it won’t change their quality of life.

Residents of The Magnolias plan to meet on Sunday to discuss the rezoning request.

They plan to speak at the City of Greensboro zoning meeting on July 18.

FOX8 contacted the attorney representing Happy Tails with neighborhood issues who sent us the following statement:

“Happy Tails, a local business, has an excellent reputation for providing emergency veterinary services to our community. Happy Tails provides a much needed neighborhood business and at their current location they adjoin a residential development directly behind their business. The owners of Happy Tails are aware of the setting of the neighborhood in which they operate, which is why, despite high demand for their services and years of operation, they have received no complaints from neighbors regarding nighttime noise, traffic or commotion. Happy Tails does not accommodate animals. Land inventory for the growing needs of a client like Happy Tails is extremely tight. However, through careful site selection with their brokers, Happy Tails selected the site at 4525 and 4527 Lawndale Drive. It is essential for Happy Tails to be a good neighbor. Given the nature of Happy Tails’ business, the owners are confident that the services Happy Tails aims to provide at this new site will not disturb neighbors, but will allow it to be a valuable asset that meets the growing need of community to care for more sick and injured animals.