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Homer Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinic expands to Kenai

The Homer Clinic in August 2021. (Courtesy Kerry Tasker/KBFPC)

Soldotna lost their branch of Planned Parenthood in May after three decades of local reproductive care from the organization. Today, the closest Planned Parenthood is three hours away, in Anchorage.

But a new, low-cost reproductive and sexual health care option is available in the central Kenai Peninsula. The Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic, based in Homer, is piloting a program on the Central Peninsula bringing services to Kenai two Fridays a month, starting Nov. 18.

“In reality, our entire remote services initiative is designed to bring reproductive health services to where people need us,” said CEO Claudia Haines. “And that certainly changed a bit when Planned Parenthood Health Center in Soldotna closed last May.”

Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic has been operating from Homer since 1983.

It offers sexual and reproductive health services, including breast cancer screenings, contraceptive counselling, fertility counseling and STI treatment, as well as HIV prevention services and hormone care affirming genre. The clinic also offers annual wellness visits for clients and adolescent health services. With the exception of colposcopy care, he will bring all of these same services to Kenai.

Haines said some patients who previously saw Planned Parenthood in Soldotna are now seeing specialists remotely, through Planned Parenthood’s telehealth system.

“But we had also heard from people on the Central Peninsula who were even traveling to Homer or telling us about the need for in-person care,” Haines said.

The organization accepts private insurance and Medicaid. Patients who are uninsured will pay what they can, since the clinic receives funding from the Title X family planning program. This program sets costs based on income and family size, on a sliding scale.

“Depending on where you are on the household income scale, your cost of services may actually be zero,” Haines said.

KBFPC is not quite the same as Planned Parenthood. It does not offer abortion care services, for example.

But Haines said they had many of the same goals.

“Truly aiming to provide access to reproductive and sexual health care to as many people as possible,” she said.

KBFPC will see patients exit the Kenai Public Health building on Barnacle Way. The program in Kenai is a pilot project, meaning the organization is trying to gauge local interest over the next six months.

The clinic books appointments through the Homer Clinic. You can call 907-235-3436 to schedule an appointment. For a full list of available services, visit the clinic’s website.