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How Radiance is the best skin care clinic and Dr. Rakhavi Midhun is the best skin care game changing dermatologist in Tiruchirapalli

Meet Dr. Rakhavi Midhun MD DVL co-founder of Radiance Skin Hair and Laser Hospital Dermatologist, who is not only a trained consultant but also educates his patients on the science behind dermatology:

Whether you are looking for a specialist to treat your rash or acne or are considering undergoing skin treatment to look younger, seeing a skin specialist is the answer. And “dermatologists” is the name that comes to mind when someone asks you about a skin specialist. And in many cases, people use skin specialists and dermatologists interchangeably. But in reality, skin specialists are much more than just being a dermatologist.

There are different types of dermatologists. There are those who focus more on the basics of dermatology, like rashes and rosacea, and then there are cosmetic dermatologists who combine the medical side of the practice with aesthetics. If your primary concern is aging, you may want to focus your search more on a cosmetic dermatologist who can provide treatments that address issues such as sagging skin, wrinkles, and volume loss.

Dr. Rakhavi Midhun, currently a renowned cosmetic dermatologist, inspires confidence through medical beauty. A dermatologist by training and an entrepreneur at heart, she is the co-founder of Radiance Skin Hair & Laser Clinic. She is an outgoing Gold Medalist in Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy from the prestigious JIPMER, Pondicherry. She has delivered major lectures and won many prestigious awards, including an award for “Women of the Future” in September 2022 by the All-India Women’s Welfare Association. She provides advice on acne treatment, hair loss treatment, skin allergy and many more with the latest technology and medical machines.

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