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Hundreds get booster shot of Omicron at LCPH walk-in clinic ahead of weekend

Today (9/16) was a particularly busy day for staff working at the Lane County Public Health walk-in clinic at the Valley River Center. Some people have waited up to two hours to get the Omicron COVID booster that became available earlier this week. KLCC’s Brian Bull was there and had this report from the scene:

“Went to the Valley River Center mall walk-in clinic twice today, and both times the bench seats were full to the door. We’re probably talking about 25-30 people at the times waiting for them turn to get the recall of the Omicron variant.

A health technician administers the Omicron variant booster shot to Brian Bull of KLCC. He told Bull that at 4:45 p.m. he had probably already given 200 punches today (9/16/22).

“A few gentlemen I spoke to on my way out said they ended up waiting about two hours for their injections. And then another woman who was coming out just when I got to the mall said she had been waiting for a hour and a half and right She said she saw people about to pass out after such a long wait.

“A worker I spoke to inside said he was trying to reach people as best he could, he acknowledged there was only standing room but added that It was very important to get the recall of the Omicron variant as soon as possible.

“For KLCC News at the Valley River Center mall, I’m Brian Bull.

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