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Hundreds seek care at Long COVID-19 clinic in southern Nevada

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – University Medical Center officials said 600 people have so far sought care at the COVID-19 Recovery Clinic in Las Vegas, though the actual number of people suffering from the effects long term is unknown. .

According to Dr. Luis Medina Garcia, infectious disease specialist and medical director of telemedicine services at UMC, 30% of infected people may have persistent mild or severe symptoms, and those who are vaccinated are less likely to develop long COVID. .

Nevada has documented 3.2 million cases of COVID-19 throughout the pandemic.

“The number of patients identified with long COVID is only scratching the surface, just as the number of COVID infections worldwide is truly underrepresented, due to inconsistent testing. Thus, the cases we identify of people with long COVID represent only a small percentage of the true disease burden. Now, what effects will this have on the workforce in the United States and abroad, and for how long? This is something we will discover over time. It will likely have a significant impact,” said Dr. Medina Garcia.

Although the Omicron variant produces mild symptoms, Dr. Medina Garcia said each variant can lead to long COVID. The most common symptoms are fatigue, brain fog and memory loss, although sometimes others experience symptoms such as lack of sense of smell, Dr. Medina Garcia said.

There are no Federal Drug Administration-approved treatments to treat the symptoms of Long COVID.

Dr. Medina Garcia said each patient requires assessment and referral to various specialists, depending on their needs.

There will be an expansion of telemedicine services for long COVID patients from May 27. For more information, visit or call (702) 383-2019.