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Inauguration of lung cancer clinic in Visakhapatnam

A lung cancer clinic was opened by P. Mythili, Superintendent, KGH, at the HCG Cancer Center in Health City, near Arilova, here on Saturday.

Aditya Kaura, chief operating officer of HCG, said the clinic would offer free consultation to patients and diagnostic tests would be carried out at 50% of the cost on Thursdays.

Speaking at a news conference about it, Pavan Karella, a surgical oncologist, said there was an increasing incidence of lung cancers, even among non-smokers or passive smokers. In the past, while 90% of cases were due to smoking, today half of the cases were observed in non-smokers.

This may be due to “passive smoking” or pollution. Symptoms include a persistent cough and bloody sputum and pain. If the cancer cells spread to the brain, it could cause seizures and if they spread to the liver, they could cause jaundice, he said.

The HCG Cancer Center, Visakhapatnam has successfully treated rare cases of high-risk lung cancer and the postoperative condition of the patients was also good.

Vishwanth, surgical oncologist, and Narendra Prakash, anesthesiologist, and other support staff were present. This team was supported for the other modalities by Bhaskar Bhuvan, medical oncologist, and Pradeep, radiation oncologist.

Attended were Ramesh Naidu, an employee of a private company in the city, and Pramod Behera from Odisha, who was successfully treated for lung cancer.

“A few months before August 2021, I had pain on the right side of my chest and had overlooked it thinking it was no big deal. When I had pain again, I walked around various hospitals before finally coming to HCG. I received Chemo and Radiation and had the operation on November 29. Chemo and Radiation was repeated after the operation. I feel much better now says Ramesh Naidu.