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Integracare Clinic expands to Foley

FOLEY — Integracare, currently based in Sartell, has purchased the Foley Medical Center and the Foley Physical Rehab building.

Tanner Neubauerpractice administrator at Integracare, says the new clinic will provide the additional space the clinic needs.

“Our challenge so far has been physical space. We are in an expansion to remodel our basement and will convert it into clinical space. Adding the rooms in Foley will give us more space than we know what to do with at this point.

In addition to the purchase of Foley Medical Center, Integracare has also purchased the Foley Physical Rehab building and will operate both businesses.

The expansion will more than double the size of the Integracare system.

“Our first 90 days will really assess the needs of the city. At this point, our plans are to look at how we can integrate some of these services like behavioral health, other specialty orthopedics, and possibly pharmacy diagnostic imaging. So there are no concrete plans yet, but there will be an expansion in this space.

Integracare will take over the operation at the Foley Clinic on May 3.

Patients can continue to call the Foley Clinic (320-251-2600) to schedule an appointment at Foley.

This story is from WJON reporter Jeff McMahon.

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