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Johnson Memorial Health Joins Mayo Clinic Care Network

Johnson Memorial Health physicians will be able to draw on the resources and expertise of Mayo Clinics when providing patient care.

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. – Johnson Memorial Health announced that it has joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

“We are honored to enter into this collaborative relationship with Mayo Clinic,” said David Dunkle, MD, President and CEO of Johnson Memorial Health. “Our patients will have access to Mayo Clinic research, diagnostic and treatment resources through their provider Johnson Memorial Health at no additional cost to them.”

Johnson Memorial Health physicians will be able to tap into the resources and expertise of Mayo Clinics in their patient care.

“We are delighted to welcome Johnson Memorial Health to the Mayo Clinic Care Network,” said Mark V. Larson, MD, medical director of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. “With Johnson Memorial Health, we share common values, mission, and commitment to continually improve the delivery of health care to patients.”

Through membership, physicians have access to Mayo Clinic Clinical Solutions and Servicesincluding:

  • AskMayoExpert
    AskMayoExpert offers providers a database of concise clinical information on hundreds of medical conditions, and includes medical protocols, treatment recommendations, and medical references.
  • eConsultation
    Online consultations allow physicians to contact Mayo Clinic specialists for a second opinion on specific patient cases when they believe additional information will benefit their patients.
  • eBoards
    eBoards are live video conferences that allow medical teams to virtually review and discuss complex cases with a team of Mayo Clinic specialists and physicians from the Mayo Clinic Care Network health systems.
  • health care consulting
    Health Care Consulting provides access to Mayo’s extensive experience, knowledge and expertise in sub-specialties to achieve clinical, operational and business objectives.

Johnson Memorial Health Staff can also access opportunities for professional development and continuing medical education.