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KMC Hospital in Mluru is running a teddy bear clinic program for schoolchildren

KMC Hospital in Mluru is running a teddy bear clinic program for schoolchildren

Mangaluru: KMC Hospital Mangalore started Teddy Bear Clinic program at SDM School Ashoknagar Mangalore to raise awareness about preventive health issues and educational mechanisms for school aged children. The program will reach many of the city’s schools where doctors from the hospital will educate school-aged children about well-being and reduce their anxiety about visiting a hospital by providing them with “hands-on” knowledge. The program will reach many schools in the city with the aim of dispelling misconceptions about hospitals and medical treatments among children and improving their knowledge of health-related issues.

Children are often unfamiliar with the hospital environment, caregivers and medical procedures. They tend to use their wild imaginations to create fantasies and twist information about hospitals. The Teddy Bear Clinic program aims to reduce young children’s fear of doctors, hospitals and medical procedures while improving their knowledge of health and disease.

Speaking about the initiative, Dr Jeedhu Radhakrishnan, Consultant in Emergency Medicine at KMC Hospital in Mangalore, said: “Children aged 5-7 brought their favorite stuffed animals to the clinic. As in a hospital setting, they registered their teddy bear names while presenting complaints. The teddy’s weight, height and temperature were measured. The doctors performed a clinical examination and demonstrated the use of common instruments such as stethoscopes, tongue depressors and otoscopes on the teddy bears. The use of hand sanitizers to disinfect hands has been demonstrated”.

He added, “The children then acted like doctors and repeated clinical examinations with the instruments. In addition, a simulated fainting episode of their teddy bears on the road, with passage in the ambulance with a stretcher, was demonstrated. They were taken to the ambulance and shown the paraphernalia used for patient care. This program has been well received by children, school authorities and parents.

Explaining the concept of Teddy Bear Clinics, Saghir Siddiqui, Regional Operations Manager, KMC Hospital, Mangalore said, “The Teddy Bear Clinic model is a preventative health and education mechanism to expose children to a mock hospital and they are asked to act as the parents of a teddy bear patient while moving through various medical stations set up in different parts of the hospital. The clinic includes role-playing, allowing children to manipulate materials, using real medical equipment, taking place in a realistic setting and offering stations for children to move in small groups to familiarize themselves with the hospital environment and medical personnel. The program has been well received by children, school authorities and parents.

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