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Laya Health and Wellness Clinic in Galway opens new diagnostic imaging suite

Laya Healthcare has announced the opening of a brand new, fully functional Diagnostic Imaging Suite, which will provide MRI, X-ray and Dexa scanning services at its health and wellness clinic in Galway.

MRI, X-Ray and Dexa scans are now available for facility patients and will be available to Laya Healthcare members and non-members.

These additional services will help ease pressure from local hospitals and provide needed health services in the community.

Available to members and non-members of Laya Healthcare, the new diagnostic imaging services help meet the growing demand for healthcare services and provide access in a community setting.

Additional services will help ease pressure from local hospitals and provide needed health services in the community

Located on over 3,000 square feet on the top floor of the Briarhill Retail Complex, consultant care is now easily accessible to members, non-members and their families.

The announcement of additional services is also linked to the Laya Health and Wellbeing Clinic in Galway marking its second anniversary, which has seen over 8,000 people use the clinic’s services since it opened (including 1,000 non-members), with attendance increasing by 58% year-over-year.

With an easy referral pathway, the new addition to diagnostic imaging services adds to the health and wellness clinic’s existing portfolio of advanced services, which includes urgent care with treatment typically in the hour as well as Heartbeat screenings for members over 12 years of age. It also makes access to health experts for Laya members and the general public much easier and faster.

Speaking about the introduction of MRI services as part of the clinic’s diagnostic imaging services, John McCall, director of claims and vendor relations with Laya Healthcare, said the health and wellness clinic being Laya in Galway has been open for two years and has had a significant impact. on the provision of health care in the community.

“Our goal is always to put the member first and ensure they receive the best care in the most appropriate setting.

“We receive excellent feedback from our members with high satisfaction scores and are proud to announce the availability of MRI services, as well as other diagnostic and screening services, such as X-Rays and Dexa, provided in partnership with Alliance Medical and our HeartBeat heart screening.

“We aim to provide a holistic member experience based on quality care and convenience, and through our clinics, we deliver on that promise.”

There are currently three Laya Health and Wellness Clinics open across Ireland – Cherrywood, Dublin; Limerick; and Galway. By 2023, Laya Healthcare plans to have a network of five clinics providing urgent care, wellness and advanced healthcare services to patients nationwide. Since the opening of the first Clinic, more than 52,000 people – 15% of whom were not members of Laya Healthcare – have been seen through the network of three Clinics.

Laya Health and Wellness Clinics are open 365 days a year from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and provide emergency care services within the hour for adults and children as young as 12 months old. Video consultations for minor illnesses are also available.

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