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Legal Services Alabama hosting radiation clinic

GREENE COUNTY, Alabama (WBRC) – Legal Services Alabama is providing free radiation services on Friday, June 3 as part of the Road to Redemption series.

Often people with a criminal record, no matter how serious the charge, have difficulty finding a job or even housing. Clearing a small misdemeanor charge could change these results.

This is why LSA organizes the radiation clinic for those who have certain misdemeanor charges.

Chief Counsel Elizabeth Hollie said that in recent years the Redemption Act has been changed to allow more misdemeanor charges to be quashed, but many people don’t know that. .

Under the new law, a person charged with a misdemeanor, misdemeanor or traffic violation can file a petition.

Hollie says the radiation of a small charge can change a person’s life.

“We had one person, a young woman. She was pregnant and was denied accommodation,” Hollie said. “We worked with the apartment complex’s lawyer and explained to them that it was a misdemeanor. It was something she had done a long time ago and they held it against her.

Hollie says that after fighting for the woman, she was able to get expunged and get housing.

Legal Services Alabama is holding an expungement clinic.(WBRC)

The the erasure clinic is on friday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Boligee Community Center. This address is 17404 County Road 20, Boligee, AL 35443.

Although the clinic is in Greene County, Hollie, everyone is welcome to participate and all services are free to qualified participants.

LSA attorneys will also be available to help with Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) applications and discuss other housing issues for those struggling with eviction.

She recommends bringing a driver’s license as well as information about charges. Legal Services Alabama will have the rest of the necessary documents.

To get in and out faster, Hollie encourages people to register ahead of time by contacting Selma’s office at (334) 872-1355 ext. 3705.


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