Clinic business

Letter to the editor — G-Men put into clinic at the start of the season | Letters to the Editor

WOW! If you weren’t there, you should have been there. The Graham High School G-Men held a clinic on how to preserve against the odds to beat their cross-town rivals.

The G-Men’s running offense got on track early and produced defining moments throughout the game. Their aerial tether was also on point when called upon to produce distances and scores. And, and on the defensive side of the ball, I predict, the Graham G-Men are going to be a force to be reckoned with this year in the state of Virginia. Punishing blow after punishing blow was delivered throughout the game by Graham High School, the defensive line, core linebacker and secondary units.

However, for me, the greatest championship-caliber quality of Graham is how calm they remained throughout the game. Their mental fortitude in handling opening night jitters, a penalty/timeout window, and just the enormity of Mitchell Stadium filled with fanatical G-Men classmates in the Pep Club, the band, the Cheerleading Squad, and all those scattered in the stands on the home side.

Gray matter wins championships and the Graham High School G-Men put it all together in their open night victory over their rivals across town. That said, huh, there’s still a thirteen to go, because the Graham G-Men have some unfinished business to settle at the end of this season — 13-1 last year, I believe.

Remember this G-MEN – Think about it. Believe it. To arrive at.


Jeff Sheppard, Bluefield, Virginia.