Clinic business

Libby Clinic under new management, welcomes walk-in

After more than 40 years of practice at the Libby Clinic, Dr. Greg Rice has retired, leaving Dr. Terrence O’Malia and Dr. Glenne Gunther to help the next generation of patients.

New to the Libby Clinic, O’Malia is a Doctor of Osteopathy, a medical field that incorporates a holistic approach.

“Practice is a more hands-on approach,” O’Malia said of osteopathy.

He described it as if you take a chiropractor and a doctor and then “read” them together. It involves more manual manipulations and the practice opposes pills or surgeries as much as possible.

O’Malia is the new co-owner joining MD Gunther as a business partner. The Libby Clinic has been privately operated since 1977.

Gunther is more than well known in the Libby community. She has worked at the clinic for 35 years.

Now the clinic has six providers, it is sufficiently staffed that patients can come in without an appointment or come in the same day.

In 2010, the clinic established a formal relationship with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Spokane (VA) to provide VA services locally to the many veterans who reside in Lincoln County, according to the clinic’s website.

O’Malia has been working at the clinic for about three weeks now and had previously worked in Mission Valley.

“We’re wide open and taking appointments,” O’Malia said.

A new addition is Tanner Staley, a medical assistant.

Building on O’Malia’s message, Staley noted that the clinic is “ready to see as many people as possible.”

Staley moved to Libby in October and graduated from Rocky Mountain College in Billings. He then earned a graduate degree from Brigham Young University.

“It’s fun being in a small town,” Staley said.