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Lifeline’s Clinic is one of the best places to loot in Apex Legends

One of the biggest events of Apex Legends are mid-season patches. Respawn Entertainment is highlighting the changes that couldn’t happen at the start of the season in these patches. Changes to weapons, legends, gear, and game modes aren’t as plentiful, but they tend to shake up the meta and how people play Apex Legends.

Patches for existing content are fine, but what really brings players back into Apex Legends during mid-season, there are collectible events, returning or new game modes and maps, and city takeovers. This season’s patch includes the Awakening Collection event which unlocks the Valkyrie Legacy Pack, Return of Control (along with a Control map set in World’s Edge), new follow-up cosmetics, and a take of Lifeline city check on Olympus.


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Of all the new content that has been introduced, Lifeline’s Clinic will undoubtedly have the greatest effect on Apex Legends. This is the only piece of content that will remain after the gathering event ends, giving players a new place to explore while learning about loot locations and possible rotations in the region. When it comes to city takeovers, Lifeline’s Clinic is one of the best places on Olympus.

A simple layout with good level design

Prior to its inclusion in Apex Legends, the area where the Lifeline Clinic is now located was once home to the Visitor Center – a point of interest (POI) with a number of one and two story apartments like those found in Autumn Estates on the other side of the Olympus card. While the loot in the old location was decent and the layout varied enough to make fights worthwhile, players didn’t have much to do other than take up an advantageous position or lead their allies back to the respawn beacon. near.

The Lifeline Clinic provides players with another location where teams can land on the northeast side of Olympus. The main POI board is a respectably large clinic in the middle. Its first level can be accessed through the front, back, or side doors, while the second level can be accessed via ziplines located around the center of the first floor lobby (players can also ascend to the second floor using walls on the sides of the clinic). It may seem like the two floors are all there is to Lifeline’s clinic, but upon closer inspection, a basement lounge can also be found. Overall, Lifeline’s Clinic has a very simple layout that only takes players a few visits to memorize.

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Loot is plentiful and condensed in Lifeline’s Clinic

True to its nature as one of Apex Legends‘ few supporting characters, Lifeline stocked her clinic with enough goodies to give visiting teams a solid pick-me-up. The draw on the first floor is a healing station that affects everything in its area of ​​effect. There’s always a guaranteed Level 3 Evo Shield in the center of the station, and those who dare to grab it will find themselves in an advantageous position – especially at the start of a match. Besides the healing station, the loot bins and floor loot found on the first floor are condensed so players can easily prepare. The side rooms on the first floor are also worth mentioning, as they are one of the few areas in any Apex Legends this house guaranteed medical kits.

If the loot on the first floor isn’t enough, the trash cans found around the perimeter of Lifeline’s clinic as well as on the second floor might give players the edge they need. There’s nothing special about these particular loot bins, but they provide players with a random assortment of supplies. However, the second floor of the Lifeline Clinic looks a bit dull compared to the other areas of the POI. The small area only has three loot bins and a respawn beacon, making it a death sentence for those unlucky with random loot.

Although the back of Lifeline’s clinic may seem uninteresting at first glance, there are two main draws. An interactive panel at the back of the clinic drops a single care package to loot. Although it currently emits a tan-colored light like regular Care Packages, it is actually a Lifeline Care Package that buffs the gear of the team that opens it. This means players need to temper their excitement, as the chances of getting a red tier weapon like a Kraber or Mastiff are zero. Finally, the lounge in the basement is home to two loot orbs that run through the colors blue, purple, and gold. Shooting the orb drops at least one piece of loot that matches the color, giving players at least two chances for high-tier loot. The healing area has loot bins to supplement its drops, while the basement living room has floor loot to help players complete their arsenal.

No matter what round of the match a player is in, anyone in Northeast Olympus should take the time to go through the Lifeline Clinic. While not the most interesting place for a fight, the simple layout and high loot possibility make it hard to pass up. Olympus may not have been the best map for a new takeover of the city (not while there’s still a lot of work to do on Storm Point), but it fits Lifeline’s connection to the planet. and his desire to help those in need.

Apex Legends is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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