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Local Veterans Seeking Clinic for Jefferson Co. |

With Jefferson County’s 2,365 veterans all having to travel for medical services, efforts are underway to bring a Veterans Community Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) to Jefferson County.

It’s something that Christie Stucker, an Air Force veteran who lives in northeast Jefferson County, thinks is badly needed. “I know there are a lot of veterans in the area who would support him,” not just in Jefferson County but in surrounding counties, Stucker said.

Currently, there are three veterans clinics in the Jefferson County area – Carrollton, Kentucky and New Albany and Scottsburg, Indiana, but Jefferson County Veterans Services Officer Faith Weir noted that the three require travel for veterans living in Jefferson County. “We want to see what it takes to get Jefferson County on the list” to be considered a veterans clinic.

Stucker reached out to state Rep. Randy Frye at last week’s Veterans Day event at Madison’s Brown Gym, hoping he could provide some insight into the issue. Stucker said Frye told him veterans affairs was more of a federal responsibility and suggested contacting U.S. Sen. Todd Young for comment.

Weir said she and others who support a local clinic are currently in the exploration phase, seeking guidance on how to move forward. “We have a lot of questions” about this process, including who to contact, she said.

Weir said it’s a commendable effort because it’s difficult for people living in rural areas like Jefferson and surrounding counties to seek medical assistance due to the travel distance required to access VA health services. As the county’s Veterans Services Officer, Weir regularly hears about the hardships faced by veterans, not only in Jefferson County, but in other neighboring counties like Switzerland and Ripley, due to the hardships travel to veterans’ health facilities. Having a CBOC in Jefferson County would ease some of that burden.

Stucker lives on Rebel Hollow Road in northeast Jefferson County, not far from Pleasant in Switzerland County. She said it takes her almost an hour to get to one of the regional veterans clinics and the nearest veterans hospital is about two hours away.

Stucker said her father, who is also a veteran, moved to New Albany to be closer to the hospital in Louisville. “We are losing people from the area because there is no veterans clinic,” she said. “My dad is older, he doesn’t want to have to travel an hour to a clinic, so he moved to New Albany so he’s closer to the hospital, he’s closer to the clinic… I’m sure he’s not the only one.”

Weir said there has also been speculation that the Carrollton office, which has been in operation since 2008, may move to La Grange, Kentucky, in Oldham County, creating even more travel burdens. for veterans in Jefferson, Switzerland, Carroll and Trimble counties.

“We just want to see what it will take to get Jefferson County on their list for them to watch our county,” Weir said, noting that with Jefferson County’s location in the middle of several rural counties , there was a clinic. could be beneficial for all of these areas.