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Mad River Glen donates to Three Peaks Clinic

The Mad River Glen Cooperative presented a $20,000 donation to Win Smith, board member, and Chad Borofsky, chief executive and board member of Three Peaks Medical Clinic. Matthew Milan, Chairman of the Board of Mad River Glen Co-op, said, “The Co-op is very pleased to be able to support Three Peaks Medical Clinic. It is a valuable addition to The Valley and will also be a great resource for Mad River skiers. When he came before the board, it was obvious.

Matt Lillard, Managing Director of Mad River Glen and Andrew Snow, Director of Financial and Business Systems, along with Milan and other members of the co-op’s Board of Directors gave the presentation. Matt Lillard said that when he learned the clinic was raising funds and would also serve Mad River Glen skiers (as well as valley residents), he felt it was something the co-op should do to being able to support Valley and Mad River skiers.

“This is an indispensable resource that in many cases will save an injured party from having to make the 45-minute drive to Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin,” Lillard said.

The clinic is scheduled to open December 15, 2022. The clinic will be an orthopedic clinic and will be located adjacent to the Sugarbush Patrol Aid Room in the Claybrook Building at Sugarbush Lincoln Peak. It is named after the three peaks of Lincoln Peak, Mt. Ellen and Mad River Glen. Clinic information can be found at: