Clinic facilities

Marshfield Clinic opens a new hospital, “River Region”

By Patrick Lynn

Marshfield Medical Center-River Region in Stevens Point opened on Friday, the latest in a series of changes that adds another hospital for Portage County residents.

The hospital is an extension of the current Marshfield Clinic Stevens Point Center, which opened in 2013 at 4100 State Hwy. 66. The first floor of the two-story, 55,000 square foot hospital includes emergency departments with eight treatment rooms, a trauma room, 12 inpatient beds, a dining room and a lobby.

Ryan Neville, executive director of Marshfield Medical Center-Weston and acting general manager of the River-Stevens Point region, called the expansion “really a great achievement” in caring for residents.

“With the expanded hospital, we are able to help residents get the care they need while keeping them closer to home.

The second floor houses the operating theater with operating and procedure rooms, a surgical waiting room, administrative offices and a conference room.

The site has grown steadily since it opened in 2013. In 2017, the cancer center was built to provide oncology/hematology and radiation oncology services, as well as access to dozens of trials cancer clinics and services. In 2019, urgent care services were added to provide immediate health care. Emergency care has now moved to the hospital side of campus.

Marshfield Clinic Health System also exclusively provides sports medicine to the more than 500 athletes and 20 sports teams at UW-Stevens Point.