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Marshfield Clinic opens new hospital in Rapids

By Kris Leonhardt

WISCONSIN RAPIDS – Marshfield Clinic Health System (MCHS) opened its new hospital on May 25 near the existing Wisconsin Rapids Clinic at 220 24e Street.

The new “Marshfield Medical Center-River Region at Wisconsin Rapids” will provide inpatient beds, ER exam and procedure rooms, radiology services including general X-rays, CT scans and ultrasounds, and testing laboratory on site.

Ryan Neville, chief administrative officer of MCHS, said the new facility is part of a growth model aimed at bringing specialists into the community.

“We have a lot of patients who really have to travel from a community to Marshfield or a bigger centre. Our vision and mission is to bring Marshfield specialists into the community; so that’s a great example, if you look at the growth of the clinic in Wisconsin Rapids — the specialists for their business — but yet if you need something, you have to be transported,” Neville said.

“We want it to stay local; we can prevent hundreds of patients from going to a bigger center by investing in the community.

“We just opened Stevens Point Hospital. We are expanding our space in Minocqua, the revolutionary Rapids, and then there are plans in Medford.

The health system is currently in the planning phase to add a community hospital to Medford.

“Earlier this month, we opened our Marshfield Medical Center River Region in Stevens Point. This is a great new facility down the road. Like Stevens Point, we will bring him acute care services in Wisconsin Rapids,” said Gordon Edwards, MCHS director of operations and finance.

“We believe this brings an alternative care model for the community that incorporates outpatient group medical practice, as well as a high-end service group.

“Our philosophy is really quite simple; we try to listen to our communities and associate with them. We believe in creating healthy communities and believe that we are actively involved in achieving this goal. We’ve been serving Wisconsin Rapids for about two decades, and we believe our patients and their families here deserve something different, and we hope that’s what everyone experiences when we open.

The hospital is expected to be completed in the spring of 2023.

Wisconsin Rapids and health system officials are throwing in the first shovels. Photo by Kris Leonhardt