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Mayo Clinic Offers Information Session to Prepare Kids and Parents for Another School Year | New

ROCHESTER, Minn.- It won’t be long before students get back to the books. On Friday, the Mayo Clinic hosted an information session to prepare students and parents for a successful school year. During Friday’s discussion, the Mayo Clinic offered some great advice for parents when it comes to protecting their children’s health as they return to school.

Health-wise, doctors at Mayo recommend telling your kids about their vaccinations, making sure they’re in good shape to learn, and making sure they have all the school supplies they need. need. They also recommend revising some of those school subjects they forgot over the summer.

Children may also be afraid to return to class with Covid and now Monkeypox on everyone’s mind.

“It depends on the age of the child and their understanding of what’s going on. I think you approach conversations differently depending on the developmental stage of children,” says Dr Nipunie Rajapakse.

A new school year means the return of fall sports. Many parents might be concerned about concussions. Dr. David Soma explains how you can prevent them.

“I think there are several things. One, I think prevention strategies are really important. One, we know that helmets don’t fully protect against concussions, you can always get one,” says the Dr Soma. “But it’s really important that kids wear proper helmets and gear, as it usually protects them to some degree against a lot of injuries, including some head injuries.”

Dr. Soma adds that if someone has symptoms of a concussion, they seek the attention of an athletic trainer, school nurse or doctor.