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Mayo Clinic surgeon takes the wheel as new Kwik Trip CEO – Reuters

ROCHESTER — A long Mayo Clinic trauma surgeon and professor of medicine takes the reins of his family Kwik Travel the convenience store empire as his father steps down from his role as CEO.

Dr. Scott Zietlow

who has worked at Mayo Clinic since the early 1990s, will assume the titles of president and chief executive officer of La Crosse, Wis.-based Kwik Trip in early 2023. Dr. Zietlow is also chairman of the board of administration of Kwik Trip. of directors.

He left his position as professor of surgery in the division of trauma, intensive care and general surgery at the Mayo Clinic. Zietlow has held various leadership positions at Mayo Clinic, including as Chairman of the

Mayo Clinic Medical Transport Board


“I am honored to follow my father’s legacy as a Kwik Trip guide. We are a very strong company and with our phenomenal 36,000 colleagues, excellent outlets and industry-leading vertical integration , our future is bright,” said Dr. Zietlow when announcing his appointment.

Don Zeitlow, who is considered one of the founders of Kwik Trip, has been with the company for 52 years, including 22 years as CEO.

The company’s roots go back to a grocery store in 1965. The grocery store became Kwik Trip in 1971 and was run by the Hansen and Zietlow families in Eau Claire, Wis. Headquarters moved to La Crosse, Wis. in 1973. The Zietlow family became the sole owner in 2000.

The company now operates more than 800 locations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan.

The Kwik Trip on Scott Road NW in Rochester.

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Kwik Trip has 15 locations in Rochester. The 15 stores add up to 93,302 square feet of space under the Kwik Trip banners.

This sum is greater than the 90,000 square feet Hy Vee grocery store on West Circle Drive. Hy-Vee built this store on land purchased from Kwik Trip’s real estate arm, Northwest Investments.

Northwest Investments is also the force behind the 108-acre development at West Circle Drive and 19th Street Northwest. This development attracted


in Rochester and has since seen several hotels, restaurants, stores and banks built around it.

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