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Medi-Share partners with Lestonnac Free Clinic for their grand opening “Wheels That Heal”

Medi-Share has partnered with Lestonnac Clinic to purchase a new mobile medical clinic and helped introduce its new “Wheels That Heal” mobile unit to reach uninsured people in Southern California.

Christian Care Ministry / Medi-Share, America’s leading health care sharing ministry, has seen a great need for a traveling medical clinic in many parts of Southern California. This unit plans to reach over 2,000 patients per year in a community with limited access to resources. This mobile medical clinic is state-of-the-art, with the ability to provide free medical, eye, and dental care to Southern California’s most vulnerable people. Lestonnac also partners with the American Red Cross to provide additional resources and support after a local natural disaster.

When the concept was first presented, Medi-Share appealed to its members nationwide to achieve the goal and meet the need.

“This mobile and autonomous clinic concept is a model that many other clinics can replicate across the country. Being able to get these resources in homeless encampments changes the lives of those who don’t have access to quality health care. Medi-Share is thrilled to be a part of this movement and believes that efforts like this help us live our vision of “transforming society through the biblical model of sharing.” – Evelio Silvera, vice president of communications and government affairs for Christian Care Ministry.

This mobile medical unit, “Wheels That Heal”, has been customized to harness every inch to its full potential. The generous layout includes an examination room, waiting room, nurse’s station and restrooms. It is equipped with a fully reclining examination chair, so it can be used for medical and dental visits. The unit is solar powered and Wi-Fi powered to provide a connection for virtual telemedicine visits. This equipment allows a patient’s appointment to be transmitted live to a remote volunteer provider, via a HIPAA-compliant connection, allowing virtual medical consultations. This unit will further expand Lestonnac’s ability to provide health care services to Southern California patients who previously did not have access to care.

“It is such a privilege to be here to celebrate the inauguration of this mobile medical clinic. We would like to thank Lestonnac Free Clinic and the Medi-Share/Christian Care Ministry for all you have done to make this a reality. We have no doubt that our communities will benefit from your vision and your initiative to go where there is a need. Our uninsured communities, our low-income communities, the most vulnerable. Thank you very much and congratulations. – Abigail Fachtmann Field Representative CA District 39 Young Kim’s office

Lestonnac’s mission has always been to provide free healthcare services to low-income and uninsured residents of Southern California. With mobile extensions like these, Lestonnac can bring that mission directly to those who need it most, right in their own community. Medi-Share is honored to be a partner alongside Lestonnac.

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