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Meet Doctor Diane of Liverpool from the famous ESHO.MD clinic inside Flannels

As an expert in aesthetic medicine and non-surgical procedures, Tijion Esho has made numerous television appearances on programs like Body Fixers and This Morning.

And now the famous, award-winning doctor – nicknamed King of Lips – is bringing his expertise to Liverpool.

Dr. Esho, who has a client list including some of the biggest names in film, fashion and beauty, has chosen the city to launch his third clinic on the fifth floor of Fleuron of flannels center of Parker Street; and its medical officer is Allerton-born Dr. Diane Lyon.

Credit: DR Esho inside Flannels Liverpool Tier 5

Diane, who trained at the University of Liverpool and worked in hospitals in the North West and still works as a GP, understands that ‘the people of Liverpool like to take care of themselves’.

At Esho MD, she says, they will receive the best treatment possible.

The clinic specializes in non-surgical aesthetic, correctional and facial rejuvenation treatments, with an extensive range including laser treatments, fillers and high-tech digital skin scanners.

Diane says, “What makes our clinic completely different from others is that all injectable treatments are performed by doctors. We have very advanced therapists who work with us to provide much of the in-house laser and skincare treatments, perform the digital skincare assessments and advise us.

Doctor Diane of Liverpool
Credit: Dr. Diane

“But each clinic is doctor-led, and Dr. Esho is always there for help, as well as providing treatment at all of his destination clinics.”

It makes a huge difference, says Diane, 30, “We need to spread the word about medical aesthetics, medical cosmetics and medical injectables. These are medical treatments.

“It’s an injection, something that goes into our body, so I see my clients as patients like they are in the NHS, and they need to feel 100% safe in the decisions they have. taken and in the ethics of the person caring for them.

“Yes, it’s a business, but as doctors we see the patient first.”

All procedures are performed to the highest standards, showcasing practitioner expertise and learning, and treatments are offered with premium products and brands.

Diane adds: “Naturally, in times of a cost of living crisis, it might seem like a good idea to get a cheap lip filler in addition to your eyelash extensions, but those cheap treatments could cost you. long-term. .”

And she says that while complications are rare, if they do occur, unlike other clinics, she and her trained colleagues are able to treat them quickly and correctly.

Everyone who attends Esho MD has a full consultation and is assessed as a whole, before being advised on treatment.

ESHO products available
Products available in clinic and online

Exceptional treatments at Esho MD include:

  • Highest quality Alma lasers, used for facial and body treatments including skin rejuvenation, thread vein treatment and tattoo removal.
  • Medical injectables, including dermal fillers and Botox, for both treatment and correction.
  • Dr. Esho’s Skin Lab – a subscription service he calls “The Gym Membership for Your Skin” that allows clients to have enhanced treatment every month for a year to ensure optimal skin health.
  • A digital skin scanning service that provides insight into the deepest dermal layers to create the most complete picture and a tailored treatment plan.

“Being downtown means we’re accessible,” says Diane. “But we’re also around the corner on the welfare floor, so if anybody wants to slip in unnoticed, they can.

“And we have a relaxation room where people – provided they don’t have any injectables – can relax, maybe while the rash goes away, and even treat themselves to a glass of champagne.”

You can find out more about the treatments available HERE