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Memorial Hospital Welcomes Deseriee Padilla to Family Medicine Clinic

ROCK SPRINGS — Helping people achieve their health goals, especially the elderly, is what drives Deseriee Padilla.

This passion led her to pursue graduate studies and obtain certification as a primary care nurse practitioner in adult geriatrics. The new supplier to Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County plans to continue its work in employee health at MHSC and will work at the Sweetwater Memorial Family Practice Clinic.

Padilla has worked for MHSC since 2014, also as a critical care nurse, vascular access specialist and forensic nurse. She recently completed a Masters of Nursing – Primary Care Nurse Practitioner in Adult Geriatrics. She is certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, AGNP-C.

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“Deseriee has been an asset since she started working at MHSC,” said Ann Clevenger, MHSC’s chief nursing officer. “She embraced opportunities for personal growth and nursing expertise that led to the provision of increased services and options for our community.”

“We look forward to Deseriee’s progress in her career as a board-certified adult geriatric primary care nurse practitioner,” Clevenger continued. “The passion and desire to serve patients will benefit our community for years to come. We are lucky to have Deseriee in our community and in the MHSC family.

Padilla served as a US Navy Corpsman from 2006 to 2012, a pre-med doing mostly hospital work in the United States. Before that, she worked as a nursing assistant in long-term care.

“Pursuing a career in healthcare seemed like the most direct route,” Padilla said. “Everything lined up.”

In the future, she wants to gain experience in various fields.

“Geriatrics is more my passion,” Padilla said. “I hope to offer our services to local care homes. I love working with this population. I have worked in long term care and this is definitely a group that I
admire,” Padilla continued. “I just want to learn, see patients and get my feet under me. Eventually, I might go back and complete certification in family health and women’s health, which will allow me to see the full spectrum of patients from birth.

Padilla also served as an adjunct teacher at Western Wyoming Community for six years and previously worked as a nurse and nursing assistant in long-term care facilities for 10 years.

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Wyoming. She earned an Associate of Science in Nursing and an Associate of Science with a major in Biology from Western Wyoming Community College. She is also certified by the Vascular Access Board. What drives her forward?

“My 6 year old son. He’s a lover,” she said. “He knows mom helps people, and he likes it.”

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