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Military Circle Mall Community Vaccination Center Closure, Small Clinic from April

The Virginia Department of Health said the last community vaccination center in Hampton Roads will close as COVID-19 trends decline and vaccination rates stagnate.

NORFOLK, Va. – The Community Immunization Center at Military Circle Mall has had its ups and downs since it opened in March 2021, and lately the amount of traffic there has been on the “low” side.

After administering more than 330,000 doses of vaccines in the past year, vaccination center coordinators are reducing their efforts. The AshBritt Company, which helps deliver COVID-19 doses and healthcare workers to the center, will end its stay there on March 25.

The service provided there, however, does not completely disappear.

Paul Brumund, director of operations for the Norfolk Department of Public Health, said his team will take over and operate a clinic at Military Circle which will only be open on Tuesdays and Saturdays, starting April 5.

“Last week we saw about 200 people get vaccinated and at one point we saw thousands in a week,” Brumund said. “The footprint will be smaller, which gives us some options if we want to expand some services here, like testing if we want to do that. Back-to-school vaccinations are coming very soon. We might be able to use that the space to do so.”

Brumund said his team will remain flexible and ready to expand operations if necessary.

“We still want to have a presence for the community. We think it’s important for people to know about this site, because they’re comfortable coming here. So we want to continue, so we can ride the next wave of request for vaccination.

When 14-year-old Zyon Sweatt received his COVID-19 booster at Military Circle on Friday, he noticed fewer people showing up at the community vaccination center.

“I was expecting a big queue. When we arrived, I asked my mother if we had arrived two hours earlier, because why is no one there?” Sweatt said.

Sweatt said it was clear there was a difference in vaccination efforts.

“It feels like the world is changing. It’s trying to get back to normal, but hopefully we’re not going too fast or too fast,” Sweatt said. “We should be happy, but we shouldn’t let go of the accelerator.”

When the new clinic starts serving people on April 5, you can get your shot or booster on Tuesdays from 2-6 p.m. or Saturdays from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

The clinic does not accept appointments.