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Nagler Foot Center: Trusted Foot Clinic for Heel Pain Treatment

Nagler Foot Center, a reliable podiatric center, provides consultation and treatment services for heel pain in Houston.

Foot problems can result from an accident or from strain around certain parts of the foot due to activities that involve exertion. Nagler Foot Center is a reputable foot clinic dedicated to treating various foot injuries or problems. This foot clinic is managed by Dr. Sherman Nagler, a distinguished and board-certified foot and ankle surgeon. They provide foot treatment services of a high and unparalleled standard. Also in their team are experienced and highly qualified foot doctors who are committed to ensuring that each of their patients receives effective treatment for their various foot problems. Customers are also free to contact them for consultation. Some of their foot treatment services include hammer toe treatment, heel pain treatment, laser nail treatment, Achilles tendon repair, corn treatment and toenail problem treatment.

In response to a question about their services, the Nagler Foot Center spokesperson said, “We provide our patients with reliable solutions and treatments for their foot problems. The foot treatments we offer also comply with medical standards and we guarantee our patients the best results. As a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Nagler uses very distinct and effective foot treatment procedures. He graduated from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Biology. He is also a member of notable associations such as Harris County Podiatry Society, American Podiatric Medical Association, Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, and Texas Podiatric Medical Association.

Nagler Foot Center has been providing one of the best foot disorder treatment services for years. This foot clinic offers its patients reliable and comfortable solutions for different foot problems such as a bunion. There are different types of bunions, including simple bunions, moderate bunions, and severe bunions. The bunion refers to a protrusion or swelling of bone or tissue around the joint, and the joint at the base of the big toe is one of the complex parts of the front area of ​​the foot. However, at the Nagler Foot Center, people can also be sure to find a competent professional. heel pain doctor in houston.

The spokesperson added, “Dr. Nagler has worked in the field of foot treatment for 30 years, and with his experience in the medical field, you can be assured that your foot pain will be treated effectively. Bunion pain is one of the most common foot problems. They are usually caused by ill-fitting shoes or chafing from overactive feet. Foot problems such as bunion would require surgery as they are long term foot problems. Dr. Nagler has successfully treated many patients with bunions in Houston. If you or a loved one has had foot pain that has been bothering you for some time, book an appointment with us today.

At Nagler Foot Center, they offer their patients effective surgical solutions. People who would like see podiatrists in houston can visit the clinic.

About Nagler Foot Center:

Nagler Foot Center is a trusted, excellence-driven foot treatment clinic where people can consult a pedicure in Houston for consultation and treatment.

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Center foot Nagler.

1200 Binz Street, Suite 1275 (located in the Museum Quarter)

Houston, Texas 77004

Phone: 713-893-5620

E-mail: [email protected]


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