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ND abortion clinic maintains service but urgency increases / Public News Service

North Dakota’s only abortion clinic said patients should keep his appointmentsdespite the rhetoric of the United States Supreme Court, although contingency plans are in play.

North Dakota is one of 13 states that would automatically bar the proceedings if the court overturns the landmark Roe v. Wade. The scenario came closer to reality this week following the leak of a draft court opinion.

Tammi Kromenaker, director of the Red River Women’s Clinic, said that as it was not an official decision, they would continue to see patients. However, if the intended outcome were to happen, she emphasized that they don’t want the service to suffer.

“We are exploring the possibility of finding space across the river,” Kromenaker acknowledged. “So that access for the patients we’ve served for 24 years here at Red River Women’s Clinic, that access remains essentially the same for them.”

Crossing the river to Minnesota is an option as it is a safe haven state, although she stressed the talks were preliminary. The pending Supreme Court decision relates to a Mississippi case. He reached court after more conservative judges were seated. Anti-abortion activists have long argued that abortion is a violation of their religious beliefs.

Some legal experts predict that the end of federal protections will lead to more state-level restrictionsincluding trying to ban people from going elsewhere for abortions.

Kromenaker noted that they are consulting with their lawyers on the issues, noting that policy makers have put a lot of energy into limiting care.

“Whether it’s this Supreme Court decision or the 2023 North Dakota legislature, I think there are people who are extremely motivated to make North Dakota abort-free,” Kromenaker remarked. “And they have the political will to do so.”

In the meantime, she recommended those who support reproductive rights take action by being more candid with their friends, families and lawmakers. She added that serving as an escort to clinics would be helpful, noting the increased presence of protesters in recent days.

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