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Nearly a year later, the CHI Williston walk-in clinic continues to meet healthcare needs

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) — Being in the healthcare industry has been stressful, especially for providers at CHI’s walk-in clinic, which opened last April.

What started as a respiratory clinic at the height of the pandemic is now CHI’s walk-in clinic, which deals with day-to-day illnesses. Nurse practitioner Anna Wolf says she’s seen it all.

“Earaches, maybe colds that turn into sinus infections, stomach stuff that seems to be spreading,” Wolf said.

The pandemic has brought challenges over the past year, with staff seeing more than 100 patients a day during recent COVID peaks in the fall and winter. Even though it was stressful, an “everyone on deck” approach kept the doors open.

“It was overwhelming at times, sometimes a little stressful, but they worked so hard together and really made it what it is today,” said Shelli Hayes, clinic director.

Now that the COVID-19 numbers are down, staff are back to managing normal workloads. It’s been a long road, but officials are relieved to see some semblance of normality.

“Everyone pitched in and offered to shoot in there, so it’s good that your whole team is doing it because we’ve all been through this kind of craziness,” Wolf said.

The clinic was recently recognized by its parent company for its innovation. Shelli Hayes, clinic director, says it’s all down to a team effort to provide care during a very stressful year.

Hayes adds that the clinic will add two full-time nurse practitioners this summer.

The walk-in clinic is open on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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