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New eye clinic in Kings Hill will help clear NHS cataract backlog

A new eye clinic has opened, offering cataract treatment and vision correction to Kent residents, including NHS cataract surgery with minimal waiting for treatment.

Optegra Eye Health Care has invited Cllr Matt Boughton, the Head of Council of Tonbridge and Malling, to cut the ribbon to open their latest branch in Kings Hill.

Cllr Matt Boughton is given a tour of the new clinic by Director Ibrahim Toma

Richard Armitage, NHS Director for Optegra, said: “We have worked closely with the NHS for a decade and since the pandemic this aspect of our work has really accelerated.

“It is well known that many people across the UK face huge waiting lists due to the backlog of patients waiting for treatment, but in fact eye care is the second biggest waiting list.

“Many people suffer from cataracts, which will only get worse and affect vision for much longer than they should.

“The only treatment is surgery, and we are delighted to be able to bring NHS cataract treatment at this specialist clinic to the people of Kent.”

He added: “Just ask your optician or GP for a referral for treatment within six weeks with our leading surgical teams.”

The new Optegra clinic in Kings Hill
The new Optegra clinic in Kings Hill

Cllr Boughton said: “The new clinic should help significantly to tackle the ophthalmic waiting lists we are seeing in our borough.

“It’s great to have such an investment in our local community.”

The new clinic will initially focus solely on NHS cataract surgery. However, in a few months it will expand its treatment to include private cataract surgery – where patients can choose to ‘upgrade’ their lens to also be glasses-free – and also vision correction surgery; from laser eye surgery to lens replacement and implantable contact lenses.

The clinic will treat all cataract and lens replacement patients on site, while laser eye surgery patients will receive pre and post surgery clinics in the clinic, but will receive the actual treatment in the hospital. Optegra flagship in London’s Harley Street area with travel costs covered.

Robert Petrarca is the Clinic’s Senior Consultant Eye Surgeon. He said: “I am delighted to join this new company.”

Chief Eye Surgeon, Robert Petrarca
Chief Eye Surgeon, Robert Petrarca

He said: “Cataracts are a natural aging of the lens of the eye which causes clouding and affects vision – symptoms can include cloudiness, faded colors and glare from lights, for example when driving in traffic. ‘darkness.

“The only solution is a very successful surgery where we replace the clouded lens with a new synthetic lens, in a 10 minute procedure.

“It’s painless and rides like a day patient. It really transforms vision and patients tell us how much it improves their quality of life.”

Helen Ransom, 62, of Grove Green, was the first patient through the doors. She attended preoperative tests. She said: “My cataract is affecting my vision and can make life difficult, especially driving. Everything has become cloudy and things that should be straight are no longer in a straight line.

“I’m definitely less comfortable with driving and even walking around the supermarket is difficult, looking at prices and all. I like good weather and holidays, but with my cataract, looking towards the sunlight is just too bright.”

Helen Ransome, first skater at the new Optegra clinic in Kings Hill (58816715)
Helen Ransome, first skater at the new Optegra clinic in Kings Hill (58816715)

She said: “I can’t wait to have the treatment in a few weeks, it’s a really good service and it’s nice to be in a brand new clinic.”

The clinic will be run by Ibrahim Toma and is located at 10 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, ME19 4AR. Details of

Optegra Eye Health Care was established in 2007 and has since performed over one million eye procedures across its 34 eye hospitals and clinics in the UK, Czech Republic and Poland.