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New Women’s Care Clinic Opens in College Station

Women’s health can sometimes be a difficult topic to talk about, but a new clinic in College Station is putting women’s health first.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Texas A&M University Health Sciences Center opened “Women’s Care Plus” exclusively for women’s health this year.

Located at 1602 Rock Prairie Road, the clinic’s women’s care services range from routine wellness checkups to dealing with hormonal disorders, sexual and reproductive health and many other health issues women face. women face.

“Women’s Care Plus” has 2 assistants, a nurse practitioner and a doctor, Dr. Michèle Garant.

“The most common complaints from women are going to be vaginal issues, discharge, things like this pain, this discomfort. Irregular periods, bleeding,” Garant said.

Not only does ‘Women’s Care Plus’ provide care only to women, they are also fully staffed by female staff, including Tiffany Wilson.

“A lot of women are more comfortable talking about women’s health care with other women because we understand what they’re going through, what they’ve been through, and what they’re telling us,” said Wilson. “I think it’s really helpful for them to know that we know where they’re from.”

Unfortunately, caring for women was not something Wilson was exposed to until she was in medical school.

“I never went to anyone for women’s health until probably half of me was already in nursing school by the time I did all of this and so I don’t never really knew what I was missing, or what was really normal, not normal until I had this experience,” Wilson said.

Dr. Garant says they are currently seeing 20-25 patients, but are still accepting new patients.

“I think it went really well. It was really exciting, it feels good to be in a new space and doing something different. It’s something I want to do for patients” , Garant said. “We tried to make it pretty. We tried to make it clean. We tried to give a lot of personal details with dresses and stuff that makes women feel comfortable.”

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