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Oatmeal Health Brings AI-Based Lung Cancer Screening to Oklahoma Clinic

What you should know:

Family Medical Center of Central Oklahoma FQHC (The Clinic) has selected oatmeal healtha veteran-owned patient success service to offer technology-based lung cancer screenings to their patients.

– As part of the partnership, Oatmeal Health will provide a premium concierge service, offering our support without FQHC bearing the burden or cost.

Technology screening for lung cancer

Currently, lung screening rates hover around 4% nationally compared to 70% for breast cancer. There are a myriad of reasons why lung cancer lags behind education and access, even though it claims more lives each year in the United States than the other. three deadliest cancers combined, breast, prostate and pancreas. Oatmeal Health will help identify eligible clinic patients and facilitate local CT scan logistics. Leveraging a virtual nodule clinic model, they will provide appropriate follow-up or referral and complement image assessment with AI.

Educational materials and culturally sensitive engagement solutions will be used to ensure repeat annual visits, with the goal of empowering people from historically underserved communities through early detection so that no one has to live with it. a fatal disease in an advanced stage.

“We founded Oatmeal Health in May 2022 and within just a few months we started partnering conversations with FQHCs in 5+ states,” said Ty Vachon MD, CEO and Co-Founder of Oatmeal Health. “We are excited to work alongside Central Oklahoma Family Medical Center at 10 sites in Ada, Konawa, Stratford and Seminole to meet their patients’ most pressing lung cancer screening needs, and their staff’s response. has been extremely positive.”