Clinic consultation

One-of-a-kind clinic offers new hope for people with rare cancer

From left to right: Dr Fedor Berdichevski, Professor Abeer Shaaban, Mr Naren Basu, Jackie Donnelly, Professor Daniel Rea

The new clinic, based at Birmingham Women’s Hospital on Mindelsohn Way, will be dedicated to examining patients with inflammatory breast cancer (IBC).

CIS is a rare, fast-growing type of cancer that accounts for 1-4% of all breast cancers. The new clinic, opened by Birmingham University Hospitals, will be the first in the UK with a dedicated team plan to tackle this disease.

Dr. Naren Basu, Breast Surgeon and Consultant Oncoplastic, said: “Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare form of cancer and therefore not as well understood as other types of the disease.

“It is sometimes not diagnosed clearly and quickly and there are variable outcomes. For patients, the opportunity to see specialists with IBC experience and participate in exciting new research is a real benefit.”

The clinic will provide specialized care to people with this rare cancer, benefiting from a team of experts specialized in the field and state-of-the-art equipment.

Mr Basu continued, “UHB is well placed to offer a comprehensive service as we have the full range of treatment options available and our relationship with the University allows us to pool our expertise to learn more. about this disease and its treatment.

The clinic will also work in association with a research team from the University of Birmingham, led by Dr Fador Berdichevski. He said: “Having the IBC Clinic on the University campus will facilitate our access to valuable clinical specimens and data.

“This is absolutely essential for our work on detailed genetic profiling of tumor tissues and the development of new therapeutic strategies using preclinical models of IBC cells.”

The clinic is currently accepting patients who are referred by their GP and are then managed with an agreed treatment plan issued by their own hospitals where local care teams can offer treatment close to patients’ homes.