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Opening of a new direct primary care clinic in Sartell

SARTELL — A new type of medical clinic has opened its doors at Sartell. GOOD & Company is a direct primary care clinic, which means they do not accept health insurance.

Owner/Founder Saundra Lauer their model is to provide accessible, affordable and personalized health care.

Pricing transparency is at the heart of direct primary care. No one should come in wondering how much their care will cost or leave wondering what their bill will be. We don’t do any service without saying what the actual price will be.

This is their second location, after having acquired the former Sartell family medicine clinic. WELL & Company’s other location is in Alexandria.

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She says that although it was not in her plan to expand so quickly, she realized the growing need for this form of care.

I have spoken of patients frustrated with the healthcare system, providers and healthcare staff as well. I am asked daily for advice on how to get into this health care delivery.

Lauer says the clinic is intended to meet your regular family doctor needs, through a monthly fee.

If you fall off a trampoline and you have an injured leg or wrist that you are not sure if it is broken, we assess and then coordinate imaging and care. Now, if your bone sticks out, that’s an ER visit.

Membership pricing is $90 for adults, $35 for children, and no more than $250 for a family per month and includes unlimited visits with staff. Lauer says memberships also include wholesale pricing on medications, lab and testing for procedures.

Lauer says the clinic is currently undergoing renovations, but it’s open and accepting new patients. It is located at 2330 Troop Drive.

If you want to know more about direct primary care or their services, you can all contact 320-314-3828.

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