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Opening of a specialized foot care clinic in Navan

Client-focused podiatry and podiatry practice at the Step Care Clinic

A brand new state-of-the-art podiatry and podiatry clinic has opened in Navan, offering highly specialized foot care in a spacious and relaxed environment.

Step Care Clinic is a patient-focused podiatry practice based on Mill Lane off Flower Hill, offering expert treatment and care for a wide range of foot and lower extremity conditions. Using the latest technology, Step Care Clinic offers biomechanical assessment, diabetes care and advice, sports taping, aromatherapy, cryotherapy for warts and much more.

All foot care such as ingrown nails, corns and calluses are carried out with the latest generation equipment in strict compliance with hygiene and sterilization.

Using state of the art technology, Step Care Clinic, with the only machine of its type in Ireland, can provide the patient with insoles immediately after the podiatry consultation.

“We believe in a patient-centered approach to our practice and all treatment and advice given to you will have the health, care and best interests of your feet as our main priority,” says Step Care.

Already established in Drogheda, the care provider decided to open a center in Navan, such was the demand of the inhabitants of Meath for their expert care.

“The clinic in Drogheda filled up very quickly. We decided because we have a lot of patients from Navan to open a clinic here. We treat a range of things from sports injuries to high risk limb.

Step Care continues: “Podiatry is a profession that takes care of everything, from the foot to the leg. We are a lower limb specialist. We treat things like warts, heel pain and corns. people referred by physiotherapists.

“We can look at different shoes and different insoles. We will come up with a plan based on what the patient prefers in terms of treatment. Having good communication with the patient is key to trying to see what kind of treatment is right for them. give them the best long-term result.”

A thorough examination of the patient is provided to get to the root of the problem quickly, explains Step Care: “By doing a holistic assessment, we watch the patient walk and do different tests for the muscles, we look if there is any inclination of the hip or the shoulders and we also look at the length of the feet.If one side of the body is slightly tilted, the other side will try to compensate.The insoles provide this correction to the side that is affected so that the other side does not no. you have to compensate.

“The insole machine we have is amazing because we make the insoles in fifteen minutes and the success rate is amazing.”

People with diabetes should be diligent about foot care, adds Step Care.

“It’s really important that people with diabetes see a podiatrist as regularly as possible to get clear management.

“It’s so important to keep an eye on your foot when you have diabetes because if you ignore it, you could lose sensation and nerves start to die because sugar gets trapped in the bloodstream.

“We advise patients to have their feet checked regularly and get good advice on diabetic foot because something as simple as a stone, if not felt, can cause a huge ulcer. “

The podiatrist says the most rewarding part of the job is seeing the results of the expertise offered at the clinic.

“When a patient walks in the door in pain, when you’re able to relieve that pain and see the difference right away, it’s very rewarding.”