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“People are disfigured”: Kamloops clinic helps those affected by low-cost cosmetic procedures

“We’ve been inundated with calls, people coming in, people emailing us. People are disfigured. People have complications that are manageable for the most part,” Brink said.

Fortunately, Dr. Brink and his staff can usually help solve the problem, but in some cases the only solution is time.

“Most of these problems are fixable. The only concern is some of these products that people are promised to have on their lips or on their face. We might not understand the true extent of this, if these are actually the products she promises to inject into these areas,” Brink added.

The story came to light earlier this week as RCMP made an arrest and searched a North Shore home. Cpl. Crystal Evelyn noted that more victims could still be there.

“Police have received multiple reports of failed or botched cosmetic procedures. Based on the number of complaints we have received, we have reason to believe that there may be more people with information related to this investigation that has not yet been released,” Evelyn said.

Dr. Brink emphasized that cosmetic work should be done in a safe environment where any possible complications can be quickly addressed.

“If someone who has no training attempts these procedures, the risk of complications is very high. This can vary from bleeding, bruising, swelling, lump, disfigurement But in the worst case, it can lead to vascular complications,” Brink said.

For those looking to have a procedure, Brink has a simple tip.

“We encourage people to identify their injector. Make sure they have been well educated and are certified by the colleges that care for them,” Brink suggested.