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Prime Minister of Tasmania – Completion of construction of new North West Antenatal Clinic

July 27, 2022

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister of Health


Construction of the new antenatal clinic at the North West Regional Hospital (NWRH) is now complete and is expected to open in the coming weeks following final fitting of furniture, fittings and equipment.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is committed to providing high quality healthcare services to mothers and babies in the North West and has invested $5.8 million to deliver the purpose-built antenatal clinic at NWRH as part of the North West Integrated Birthing Service.

The new facility has been built to contemporary standards and includes a dedicated reception and patient waiting area, with the flexibility to be used as an education space, six consultation rooms, staff offices and a laundry room as well as facilities for staff and patients. It has direct access to the NWRH main entrance and includes a dedicated drop-off area and additional parking, including accessible parking spaces.

The clinic brings together a range of prenatal services from across NWRH. This includes four cardiotocography (or CTG) arrays dedicated for obstetricians and midwives to monitor and record an unborn baby’s heart rate, as well as monitor the mother’s uterine contractions.

The clinic has the appropriate space to safely provide all aspects of antenatal care and assessment and will connect midwifery group practice midwives and long-term care midwives to other parts of the hospital, allowing the women’s outpatient maternity journey to begin and end at the same time. square.

This will increase the ability for women to access care from the same midwives, both before and after the birth of their baby, which promotes positive patient outcomes through continuity of care.

The clinic will support the safe provision of all aspects of antenatal care and assessment, with 150 consultations scheduled each week, as well as pregnancy assessments.

Over the next few weeks, furniture and equipment will be installed to prepare the new antenatal clinic to accommodate patients, with services scheduled to open in mid-August 2022.

The new antenatal clinic is part of the Liberal Government of Tasmania’s $60 million commitment to NWRH capital upgrades, including $40 million for Stage 1 of the Mental Health Ward to replace the aging Spencer Clinic, and $20 million to provide ward improvements and additional bed capacity, in the space freed up as a result of the Spencer Clinic’s move.

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