Clinic business

Proposed Urgent Care Clinic in Pea Ridge

PEA RIDGE – A new urgent care office was one of four projects presented to planners at the November 7 technical review meeting.

Dillon Bentley, an engineer with Jorgensen and Associates in Fayetteville, presented a concept plan for an urgent care clinic at the corner of Slack Street and Dove Road. He said his client wanted to build an urgent care center on the corner of Slack Street and Dove Road (just east of Oak View Animal Clinic).

City officials and Bentley discussed water and sewer lines, streets and sidewalks.

“We will do our best to follow city code and provide the community with a good product,” Bentley said. “It’s a nice and lively neighborhood that you see when you first come to town.”

He said his client is a doctor who left a bigger hospital so he could set his own hours. He said he’s a resident of Pea Ridge.

“He seems intent on doing business here at Pea Ridge,” Bentley said.

A concept plan for an 80-acre residential development off Hayden Road was also presented.

Two subdivisions — Pea Ridge Pointe and Yorktown — were reviewed.

When discussing the Yorktown subdivision, planners asked about green space.

“We really need to have it, for more than one reason,” said Planning Commission member Karen Sherman. “It’s really a bit of an impact on the city.”

Developer Mike Seay asked if this was a requirement in the city ordinance. There are 259 buildable lots in the subdivision.

Connectivity was also mentioned.

“It was discussed during the regional planning training last week. We need to have connectivity,” said city worker Dustin Phy.

“We thought the southern connectivity would be sufficient,” Seay said.

After discussion, it was clarified that a street can be “truncated” to allow connectivity in the future.

The engineer agreed to study the possibility of developing green spaces and providing cross connections.

Seay asked if the city has plans to expand the park system and build more parks.

Street Superintendent Nathan See, who will take the mayor’s seat on January 1, said he intended to create a parks department.

City Attorney Shane Perry said there’s a lot of responsibility involved in running a large parks department.

“There’s a big difference between five 5-acre parks and 35 quarter-acre parks. We have to consider the financial burden,” Perry said.

“I think it’s the feeling of the body…that we’ve been asking for informally for years…green spaces,” Perry said, adding that the city needs to think strategically about what city parks will look like over the next few years. next 20 years.

The concept for an 80-acre subdivision off Hayden Road was presented, and the highlights were the plans to alleviate existing congestion entering the town along Hayden Road and provide three connectivity points for the property . A discussion was started about improving Hickman Road to provide access from the area north of Arkansas 94, directing traffic away from the intersection of Hayden Road and West Pickens Road in front of Junior High School.