Clinic facilities

Protesters gather outside a sexual health clinic

Christian protesters staged a second anti-abortion protest outside a sexual health clinic in Glasgow

The pair again harassed people entering the Sandyford, which provides a range of sexual, reproductive and emotional health services, including counseling for rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse and abuse sex in childhood.

The men’s protest soon drew a counter-protest. When told that survivors of sexual abuse used the facility, one of the men asked “why is rape wrong?”

Scottish Green Councilor Holly Bruce has called for buffer zones in the city to stop protesters congregating outside the gates of healthcare facilities.

She tweeted: “The intensity and frequency of these ‘protests’ are not going away. Glasgow urgently needs buffer zones to allow safe access to healthcare. My thoughts and solidarity go out to the patients inside the clinic.

Last week, Green MSP Gillian Mackay launched a consultation on her member’s bill which, if approved, would put in place 150m buffer zones around health facilities that perform abortions.

Under these plans, safe-access zones would be introduced at all sites that provide abortion care where, within the zone, it would be illegal to influence or attempt to influence a person to accesses, provides or facilitates the provision of abortion care.

The Scottish government has yet to formally back Ms Mackay’s proposals.

They said local councils can use by-laws to introduce buffer zones.

Public Health Minister Maree Todd suggested it could yield ‘faster results’.

However, Cosla, the umbrella organization for Scottish councils, has previously warned that its legal opinion is “unequivocal and confirms that local authorities cannot use regulations to set up buffer zones in NHS reproductive health facilities. “.

Nicola Sturgeon recently agreed to chair a summit on the issue, which Ms Mackay said she hoped would ‘provide interim measures’ before her legislation is rolled out.

Ms Mackay said: “Anyone accessing health care, whether at the Sandyford Clinic or elsewhere, has the right to do so without experiencing this type of harassment.

“Intimidating healthcare workers and those accessing services is totally inappropriate. My bill will create protest-free buffer zones around these facilities.

“In the meantime, I look forward to attending the summit which the Prime Minister has pledged to convene in the hope that some interim measures can be implemented to end this unacceptable harassment.”

A spokesperson for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: “We can confirm that protesters were present this afternoon which caused unnecessary disruption to services provided at one of our healthcare sites.

“Our number one priority is the safety and security of our patients and staff.

“Our protest-targeted health center offers a full range of services, including testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, HIV prevention, contraception, community-based sexual and reproductive health services, counseling and counseling services. sexual assault.

“As a healthcare provider, we strongly believe that all of our patients should be free to seek care and that our staff should be able to provide care without fear or intimidation.”